Graduation Gift Guide

Sense of Place.
If she’s headed off to college, the coordinates of her house back home will always be with her. If she’s graduating from college, she’ll love carrying the coordinates of her university or sorority house into her next chapter.
Order online for $295.

Tiffany Playing Cards

Make sure everyone knows what’s yours with this handy clothing stamp.
Order online for $17.

Tory Burch Mother Tee

Never leave home without one…or three. You’ll definitely want to pair these with a nice check or wad of cash.
Order online for $5.99.

Sleep Light

Business Woman Special.
She’ll feel oh-so professional when she pulls out her monogrammed portfolio…or business card case…or work bag…
Order online from $25.


Road Trip!
When they’re living in a new city, these 36-hour road trip ideas will come in super handy.
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Calendar Girl

An Apple a Day.
Everyone wants an Apple Watch—most of all, the grad.
Order online from $269.

Kodak Printer

Big Plans.
If you’re thinking a planner is old-school, trust us—college students still use paper planners.
Order online from $9.95.


Chargers get stolen left and right in dorm rooms. Mark what’s yours with a fun decorative decal.
Order online for $9.99.

Breakfast Tray

The perfect gift for the Texan heading out of state for school or work.
Order online from $99.


Man Bag.
For the grad that isn’t into messenger bags or briefcases, this backpack still looks slick.
Order online for $298.

Tea Pot

A daily reminder that she can take on the world.
Order online for $40.


This 10-in-1 tool will be the most useful gift they ever receive.
Order online for $19.99.


Never run out of outlets again with a 5-port USB charging hub.
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House Portrait

The Key to Adulting.
When you’re living on your own for the first time, you have to get used to remembering things like where you put your keys. This Bluetooth tracker makes it easier.
Order online for $40.

Nan Lee Ring

Work Bag.
Everyone covets a super organized bag that holds everything from cosmetics to a laptop.
Order online for $295.

Nan Lee Ring

A wireless Bluetooth speaker is perfect for drowning out noise in the next dorm room or apartment, or for getting the party started on a Friday night.
Order online for $199.99.

Nan Lee Ring

Pink Fixes Everything.
Let’s be honest: fixing and assembling things is more fun when your tools are pink.
Order online for $29.99.