Lucchese Texas

El Paso – Lucchese

Since 1883, Lucchese has been making lust-worthy cowboy boots that turn heads across the world. Specializing in hand-made and custom designs, Lucchese has outfitted some big names such as Bing Crosby, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and even the beloved Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (unfortunately the great hair is not included). Every boot is hand stitched to perfection and skins are compared side by side to ensure perfection in the pattern for both boots. It’s easy to see why a pair of Lucchese boots should be in everyone’s closet.


Rocketbuster El Paso

El Paso – Rocketbuster

The first thing you need to know about Rocketbuster Boots is that they’re O.T. T. (read: over the top). Rocketbuster is known in the boot world as the place you go when you want boots that are flashy with a capital “F.” They specialize in the wildest tops in the business—you want hot rod flames? Done. An unbelievably detailed rendering of the Virgin of Guadalupe? Check. Texas Bluebonnets that look as if they’re ripe for the picking? You betcha. Celebs like Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Steven Spielberg and Oprah all have a pair. Bottom line: when it comes to Rocketbuster, go big or go home.

M.L. Leddy’s

Fort Worth – M.L. Leddy’s

M.L. Leddy’s is known for hand making some of the most stunning boots and saddles in the state. Quality is of the utmost importance at Leddy’s, so every leather used is hand-selected, every stitch hand sewn, and every sole hand rubbed. Leddy’s boots are also noted by the 40 pinion nail in the arch of the sole, giving them an excellent fit. The level of quality and care given to each order is why Leddy’s has outfitted kings, presidents and good ol’ Texas folk like us.


Texas – Cavender’s

Cavender’s is where real cowboys buy their boots. With 44 locations across the Lone Star State, Cavender’s is filled with some of the finest boot brands in Texas. From Tony Lama to Justin to Lucchese, they have a large selection in all shapes and sizes. The prices are terrific too!