Best Dance Halls

At one time, more than 1,000 dance halls dotted the Texas countryside and served as community gathering places for neighbors, family and friends eager to share some fellowship, music, dancing and fun. Today there are fewer than 400 dance halls remaining. There is currently a strong effort to save this rich part of our Texas heritage. If you’d like to help preserve a piece of history, become a member of Texas Dance Hall Preservation (TDHP) and donate to support their efforts:

Following, you’ll find a list of our favorite boot skoot’n dance halls.

Twin Sisters Dance Hall - Best Texas Dance Hallas

Blanco – Twin Sisters Dance Hall

Visiting Twin Sisters Dance Hall is like traveling back in time. Built by German immigrants in the nineteenth century, Twin Sisters Dance Hall is known for its unique history. It was originally constructed as a gathering place for the first colony of German settlers in Blanco County and still stays true to its community focus. The hall has hosted monthly dances since the 1880s and continues to host one the first Saturday of every month. It is home to concerts, events, workshops and charity functions.

Coupland Dance Hall - Best Texas Dance Hall

Coupland – Coupland Dance Hall

Coupland Dance Hall is more than just a honky-tonk—it’s also a store, an inn, a bed & breakfast, an event space, a bar and a restaurant. The tiny town of Coupland holds a lot of secrets and fun anecdotes. Rumor has it that the Coupland Dance Hall was a boozy escape from prohibition. And if the dance hall looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen it portrayed in a scene of Lonesome Dove.

Kendalia Halle - Best Dance Halls In Texas

Kendalia – Kendalia Halle

Kendalia Halle is a true tribute to the Hill Country community. This small-town icon has been a popular venue for dancing, gatherings and entertainment since 1903. The picturesque setting makes the venue a gorgeous hotspot for weddings and a must-see when traveling through Central Texas.  They host a monthly dance the second Saturday of each month.

Luckenbach Dance Hall - Best Texas Dance Halls

Luckenbach – Luckenbach Dance Hall

It’s back to the basics at the iconic Luckenbach Dance Hall . Waylon Jennings’ 1977 country hit “Luckenbach, Texas” popularized this spot and made the small town a Texas travel to-do. Located about ten miles outside of Fredericksburg, the dance hall has hosted some of country music’s biggest stars like Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Robert-Earl Keen and of course, Waylon Jennings.

Gruene Dance Hall - Best Texas Dance Halls

New Braunfels – Gruene Hall

A longtime favorite of George Strait, Gruene Hall is a quintessential venue for up-and-coming country music artists. Gruene claims the title as “the oldest and continually run dance hall in Texas.” Its design and features have stayed the same over its lifetime and signs from the 1930s still hang on the walls. The hall stays busy and hosts an event or concert almost every night and many free afternoon shows as well.

Round Top Dance Hall - Best Texas Dance Halls

Round Top – Round Top Dance Hall

Known as “The Heartbeat of Round Top,” Round Top Dance Hall  at The Stone Cellar is a welcoming destination for food, drinks and dancing. The dance hall was moved from Wesley to Round Top in order to serve as an antique show venue. The Round Top community welcomed the hall with open arms and two-steppin’ feet and it has been a key piece of Texas history ever since with a growing music schedule to watch.

Anhalt Hall - Best Texas Dance Halls

Spring Branch – Anhalt Hall Germania Farmers Verein

Anhalt Hall was originally constructed in 1879 by a group of settlers aiming to protect their livestock. As the property has developed and expanded, it gained popularity by locals and travelers. Anhalt holds monthly dances as well as a spring and fall harvest festival. While you’re there, check out the authentic German beer garden and family-style food.