Poolside Essentials

School is finally out and it’s time to prep for Texas’ summer days with these poolside essentials. The perfect pool day is much more than just a trendy bikini, so we gathered together the hottest summer essentials for the ultimate fun in the sun experience.


Francesca's Neon Spiker - Poolside Essentials

Set it, Spike it.

Fix yourself a poolside drink or keep your belongings sand-free with this neon strawberry spiker from Francesca’s for $8.


Urban Outfitters Pretzel Pool Float - Poolside Essentials


Giant pool floats are all the rage this summer. It’s literally impossible to open your Instagram without seeing giant inflatable pool floats on your feed. #DoItForTheGram Score this float at Urban Outfitters for $24.


Goodnight Macaroon Pom Pom Sandals - Poolside Essentials

Pom Pom Pizzazz.

These lace-up pom pom shoes from Goodnight Macaroon add a colorful pop to your summer wardrobe. Order a pair for $75.


Isabella Rose Off the Shoulder Cover Up - Poolside Essentials

Cold Shoulder.

Give summer heat the cold shoulder. You’ll feel like a total beach goddess in this Isabella Rose cover-up for $98.


Big Mouth Inc Rainbow Beverage Boat - Poolside Essentials


The pot of gold on the other side of this rainbow is actually a cold summer drink! For $10, you’ll get three beverage boats from Big Mouth Inc. These will keep any 12-oz drink afloat and conveniently close while you lounge in the pool.


Revolve Aloha Tote Bag - Poolside Essentials

Aloha, Beaches!

Pack all your summer essentials comfortably (and in style) for a sunny beach day.  Grab this tote for $115 at Revolve.


Big Mouth Inc Giant Rubber Duckie Float - Poolside Essentials

Duck, duck.

Oh, Rubber Ducky, You’re the One. Yes, a gigantic 7-foot-tall rubber duckie float does exist,  and yes, you need it for the summer. Order your new BFF from Big Mouth Inc. for $299.


Ban.do Pool Party Towel - Poolside Essentials

Pool Party.

Where’s the Party at? Right here! Take your pool game to the next level by lounging on this adorable $38 oversized towel from Ban.do.


Beehive Pineapple Clutch - Poolside Essentials


A (pine)apple a day keeps the doctor away! This $65 quirky clutch from Beehive is the perfect summer accessory.


Francesca's Beach Babe Sun Hat - Poolside Essentials

Beach Babe.

Shield your eyes from the summer sun with this wide brimmed floppy hat for $30 from Francesca’s.


Corkcicle - Poolside Essentials

Pop a Cork.

Make sure to keep it cool and classy with a  Corkcicle this summer. These are WAY cuter than your typical koozies and they start at $19.95.

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