Kids Gift Guide

A Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World.

She can see Barbie in a whole new way with this Barbie Hologram toy. Think of it as her version of Amazon’s Alexa and personal assistant all in one, because what 8-year-old doesn’t need that?!

hologram barbie - kids gift guide 2017
Giddy Up!

Now you can actually give the gift they’ve been wanting—a pony! This is an interactive toy allowing you to sit, rock, and ride the pony. Yeehaw!

pony - kids gift guide 2017
Welcome to the Jungle.

Let your kids explore the jungle without leaving the house. This interactive rug syncs with your tablet to take the kids on an adventure.

rug - kids gift guide 2017
Smarty Watch.

The little Star Wars fan in your life will love this watch! Equipped with a camera, two Lightsaber modes, voice-changing effects, and much more, you can’t go wrong with this gadget.

smart watch - kids gift guide 2017
Pedal Smarter.

Sure, this isn’t a tricycle BUT this bike gives kids 3 ways to play: driving, gaming, and racing. As they pedal, more learning takes place.

smart cycle - kids gift guide 2017
9-1-1, We Have a Mini Emergency.

This Automoblox mini rescue pack fits in the palm of your hand but is big fun for the kid who loves to build and race. Gift the whole 39-piece vehicle set for the whole 911 squad.

mini rescue set - kids gift guide 2017
Inside the Lines.

You’ll be encouraging the kids to write on the walls with this gift…and you’ll want to join in on the coloring fun with them!

giant coloring page - kids gift guide 2017
Unicorn Hair.

Don’t be scared to give her this ombre hair kit. It’s easy to apply and—more importantly—easy to wash out for school.

ombre hair - kids gift guide 2017
Dr. Jr.

Parker the Bear is a traditional teddy bear, but he comes to life when connected to his app on your tablet. Now your child can diagnose this interactive bear when his tummy aches.

reality bear - kids gift guide 2017
Most Egg-Cellent.

It’s double the fun because the Hatchimals Surprise is hatching twins!

hatchimals - kids gift guide 2017
What Comes Around Goes Around.

Teddy Ruxpin is back! Now your favorite childhood toy can be your favorite toddler’s toy. The bear enjoys singing songs and telling stories with his young friends.

teddy ruxpin - kids gift guide 2017
Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody
Does Their Part.

Cleaning up toys can be fun! This is a win-win gift for mommy and baby. As they pull the wagon, it picks up the blocks along the way.

wagon - kids gift guide 2017
Baby Einstein.

For the child who is intrigued on how things work, an invention kit is the way to go! This kit turns ordinary objects into touchpads.

makey - kids gift guide 2017
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