Lets face it finding the perfect gift for a tiny recipient is anything but easy. We’ve taken the guesswork out and found some of this year’s holiday must haves. From the trendiest new toys to some of our favorites since the beginning, the kids will love these soon-to-be favorites.



Soccer and cars collide in this IRL version of the wildly popular Rocket League video game. Comes complete with downloadable content to drive the RC Hot Wheels cars from your smartphone.

smart watch - kids gift guide 2017
Light it Up

The latest innovation from Crayola includes a little bit of (mess-free) magic: the paintbrush lights up to reveal the color of the invisible paint it will be once it hits the special paper.

pony - kids gift guide 2017
Can We Move in?

It’s the ultimate gift for the Barbie girl in your life, equipped with an elevator and a pool with a giant slide.

teddy ruxpin - kids gift guide 2017
High Key.

Bring home the magic of the giant “walk-on” piano keys from the world's ultimate toy store, FAO Schwarz. Bonus: it tires kids out real quick, so the parents will love it, too!

hologram barbie - kids gift guide 2017
Go for Little Bro,
Come in Big Sis!

There’s basically no gift that can top walkie talkies.

ombre hair - kids gift guide 2017
Engineer in Training.

This next-gen building toy features color-coded grooved “stix” that let their imaginations run wild.

rug - kids gift guide 2017

Introduce them to the famous mouse with this plush collection.

smart cycle - kids gift guide 2017
A Real Charmer

Charm bracelets are cool, but they’re even cooler when the charms are made by you!

wagon - kids gift guide 2017
Baby’s First Bike.

This bike is specially designed for kids as young as 12 months to hop on and start learning to ride—with NO training wheels!

giant coloring page - kids gift guide 2017

Meet Boxer, the AI robot sidekick that interacts with you and follows you wherever you go! Use your smartphone to guide him and teach him tricks!

mini rescue set - kids gift guide 2017
Get Slimed.

Kids are obsessed with slime, and this kit allows them to DIY the best kind: glitter slime.

reality bear - kids gift guide 2017

Your tot will be the coolest on the playground with his or her very own (super comfortable, highly durable!) aviators.

hatchimals - kids gift guide 2017
Gotta Jet.

Y’all. It’s a backpack that looks like a jet pack. OMG!

makey - kids gift guide 2017
Warning: Highly Addictive.

This gadget is the ultimate game of memory, with light patterns instead of pictures.

makey - kids gift guide 2017
License to Ride.

If a segway and a sled had a baby, it would be awesome—just like this toy.

makey - kids gift guide 2017
Loopdy Loop.

The latest innovation from K’NEX allows you to build your own roller coaster and then RIDE IT with the included VR headset!

makey - kids gift guide 2017
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