The Annual Elfa Sale

IT IS ON. Forget spring cleaning, let’s talk about New Year’s organization. The family gatherings, holiday parties and present wrapping disasters are almost over, which means it’s time to focus ahead on organizing your space. Lucky for you, The Container Store’s annual Elfa sale is back! Transform your closet, office, pantry, or any other space from a cluttered disaster into an organized paradise.

Shop now until February 26th for 30% off all Elfa products including amazing organization solutions such as utility boards, custom shelving and drawer systems, and even garage storage units.

But wait, there’s more! (*Cue our best infomercial voice) Not only are all products 30% off, but so is all installation. So, sit back and relax while your space whips into shape before your eyes.

This Year’s Shopping Dates:

Now Thru February 26