Houston – NASA Space Camp

June 16, 2017
NASA Space Camp – Houston

Three! Two! One! BLAST OFF! Have you ever wanted to study moon rocks, train like an astronaut, or learn how to fly a rocket ship into outer space? Well it’s your lucky day! The Space Center in Houston has summer camps for young, enthusiastic astronauts of all ages.

While at camp, you will be living the life of a space trainee. Engaging in a variety of different science experiments and learning about space exploration are just scratching the surface. Take an in depth tour of Independence Plaza and see and see the historic shuttle carrier aircraft, NASA 905. See one-of-a-kind space exhibits, watch films, and get a glimpse at what the future of science will look like.

If you’re still looking for more, then get ready for a behind the scenes tour of the NASA Johnson Space Center.  Learn what it takes to live on Mars by creating a life-size Martian habitat that can sustain human life on Mars.

Explore and discover new solar systems in creative and unique ways by completing tasks and working together as Mission Control. Grab your tools and start creating new technology to help find signs of new life. Be the brains of the operation and learn to pilot these exploring robots. Don’t forget to bring back some moon rocks!

Solve problems, write code, and get your exploration robots on their way. Each camp and activity is designed to challenge and encourage creativity and critical thinking skills in a fun and unique environment.

There are camps for children ages 5 – 14 that take place throughout June, July, and August. For specific dates and prices, visit the Space Center’s site and then select the age range that is fitting.

Seats in the spaceship are filling up fast, so get your training and paperwork out of the way to claim your spot in history. While the kids are at camp make sure to planet some exploring of your own. With our editor’s Houston shopping trip you’ll be able to do some exploring of the great beyond yourself. It’s only “one small step for man,” so take one giant leap down to Houston.

1601 NASA Pkwy

Houston, TX 77058