Texas Dance Halls

January 4, 2017

In Texas, we don’t go dancing in flashy clubs—no, we go to dance halls. Just to clarify, a dance hall is NOT a honky tonk—even though they’re very similar, they’re also very different. The main difference is that a dance hall is classy, while a honky tonk is trashy. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite dance halls where you can line dance and two-step to your heart’s content. Gruene Hall in New Braunfels is the oldest and most famous dance hall in the state. It’s been open since 1878, so that dance floor has seen a thing or two. Schroeder Hall in Goliad may look like an old shed on the outside, but the inside is the perfect party destination. Spring, TX is home to Big Texas Dance Hall & Saloon Spring (its quite the mouthful) where you can two-step and get your polka on! They feature live music every week as well as dance lessons. Broke Spoke in Austin is your go-to dance hall for live music and chicken fried steak—which is really all you need in life.