Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Tory Burch Mother Tee

Tee Party.
100% of net proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt benefit the Tory Burch Foundation, which empowers women entrepreneurs by providing access to capital, education programs and digital resources.
Order online for $68.


Up All Night.
New moms will appreciate the sarcasm on these customizable candles.
Order online for $18.

Nan Lee Ring

All My Children.
Every mom needs a special piece of jewelry to commemorate her children. This one is super luxe.
Order Online from $398.

Tea Pot

Spot of Tea.
Practical AND cute? That’s mom’s favorite combo.
Order online for $50.


Mail Call.
If she can’t have a calligrapher on call, she can at least have a custom calligraphy stamp.
Order online from $45.


Tie One On.
Neck scarves are officially back, and mom will feel SO on-trend when you surprise her with one.
Order online for $49.50.

Wish You Were Here.
Send photos of yourself and the grandkids straight to this digital frame at mom’s house so she can admire you from afar.
Order online for $399.


Mom’s secret is out.
Order online: $22

Tiffany Playing Cards

Queen of (our) Hearts
She’s going to feel fancy with a capital F when she doles these babies out at her next bridge game.
Order online for $40.

Sleep Light

A mother’s sleep is a precious commodity. She’ll never wake abruptly to a blaring alarm again with this light that wakes her gradually.
Order online: $149

Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl.
She’ll love marking her important dates on this calendar adorned with—what else?—photos of YOU.
Order online from $48.

Kodak Printer

Hard Copy.
Mom’s old-school. She needs physical photographs. Now, she can print them instantly, directly from her phone.
Order online for $139.99.

Breakfast Tray

Breakfast in Bed
Breakfast in bed is a classic Mother’s Day treat. Make it a full-blown experience with this adorable tray that has a built-in flower vase.
Order online for $65.

House Portrait

Home Sweet Home.
She’ll feel super nostalgic when you present her with a custom print of the family home.
Order online from $79.99.


Night Light.
Mom is sick of running into things when she gets up in the middle of the night. These lighted slippers will light her way.
Order Online for $19.99.