Back-to-School Essentials

Tan lines, lake days and endless summer nights are coming to an end and back to school season is heating up. With school right around the corner, we’ve hand-picked everything you’ll need to tackle the new semester in style.

Killin’ It.

Everyone knows a planner is a must-have, but this planner packs a little punch with a lot of motivation. Color-code your class assignments or decorate your to-do list with included stickers.

Planner - Back to School Essentials

For the times when the library outlet is just a little too far away, an XL charging cord always comes in handy. This 6-foot charging cable from Bed, Bath & Beyond is more than twice the size of standard cords. Plus, the cord is wrapped in nylon so it’s bound to last longer than just a semester. The shimmery gold color makes it a cute accessory, too!

Charging Cable - Back to School Essentials
Sleeve Me Alone.

Protect your laptop with a Society6 sleeve. The inside is lined with micro-fiber material, so it won’t scratch. Plus, it’s adorable. Choose between hundreds of designs created by independent artists or customize your own.

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Cozy up.

Even if it’s 100 degrees outside, the library has a strange way of feeling like it’s sub zero. Avoid the shiver and cozy up in a Southern Shirt Co. terry pullover from Tyler’s. It’s super soft and will keep you warm, but light enough that it won’t make your backpack bulky.

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Now You See Me.

A clear bag is a necessity for football games, concerts and events. This cross-body purse can be customized with your school color and your monogram or Greek letters. Order yours at Barque in Lubbock.

Jon Hart Clear Becky - Back to School Essentials
Team Spirit.

Rule no. 1 of college: never, ever, ever lose your charger. Wrap your charger in a Skinit vinyl wrap so it’s easy to keep track of yours.

Charger Wrap - Back to School Essentails
Take Note.

Unfortunately, not all college professors are cool about laptops in the classroom. For those tech-phobic classrooms, bring along a tried-and-true notebook from Walmart. We recommend the 5-subject ones so you can keep all your notes in one spot.

5 Subject Notebook - Back to School Essentials
Keep it Together.

Most people forget to pack a stapler, but trust us, you’ll need one. Keep a mini version hooked on your backpack so you’ll never have to last-minute search for one again. Pick up this Swingline TOT mini stapler at Target.

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These Bose headphones are noise-cancelling, so the library gossip won’t distract you. They might seem a little on the pricey side, but the quality is well worth it. They’re wireless and only need to be charged after 20 hours of use, so they’ll definitely last through your study sesh. Unless you’re taking Organic Chem…

Headphones - Back to School Essentials


Having a solid water bottle is a college must-have, and Yeti Ramblers are pretty much ubiquitous on most campuses. Fill it up at the water fountains or mooch of the cafeteria’s soda fountains for an unlimited supply of Diet Coke. This Yeti rambler from Tyler's will keep your drink cool (or hot) for hours.

Yeti Rambler - Back to School Essentials

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