Hidden Gems of College Station

Sweet Horse - Hidden Gems of College Station

If you have ever taken the drive down Highway 6 through the heart of the Brazos Valley, you’ve most likely stopped at the Dixie Chicken or Kyle Field. You may have even spent some time cramming for your finals in Sterling C. Evans Library or grabbed a slice of pizza at Antonio’s after a night out at Northgate. While tried-and-true locals’ favorite spots are charming and comfortable, there are a few places with a little less foot traffic that deserve some recognition. Here are a few hidden gems of College Station.

Polly’s Cocina: Polly’s is a prime example of “Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover.” Located next to a shoddy gas station and a little ways out of the main drag of town, Polly’s isn’t the first place a freshman is going to stop. However, Polly’s is home to some of the best Mexican food in the area. It’s a favorite among the full-time residents of College Station for the incredible food. Bonus: the price is just right for a college budget.

Mess Waffles: Only a few years ago, food served out of a truck was considered questionable at best. Now, food trucks are the trendy restaurants taking over your favorite park. In College Station, you can find them on Texas A&M’s campus during lunch on weekdays, or the soon-to-be-open Wayside Food Park. One very popular truck is Mess Waffles. As the name suggests, Mess specializes in unique waffles, even carrying a delicious chicken and waffles option! Although their waffles are popular, their best kept secret is the mac ‘n cheese. Catch them early because they sell out quick!

Tower Point: Contrary to popular belief, there is more to College Station than just the few streets that surround campus. If you head south, you’ll hit the area known as “Tower Point.” Here you will find H-E-B, Chick-Fil-A, Whataburger, and many more classic Texas spots. Many businesses have two locations within the College Station city limits: one for college kids, and another for the locals. If you need to get away from the college crowds, explore Tower Point like a local.

Sweet Horse: College Station has a lot to offer, but it’s always fun to find something new and exciting. Whether you like boba tea in fancy light bulb cups or choose rolled over scooped ice cream, Sweet Horse has you covered. Conveniently located in the main drag of town, there is no excuse to not stop by!

Kai’s Donuts: For treats in the morning that will please your sweet tooth AND your instagram aesthetic, check out Kai’s Donuts. Bonus: when you’re cramming for college finals and miss your easy elementary school days, you can snag a Capri Sun or chocolate milk with your donuts to reminisce on recess, nap time and minimal stress.

Roof Top Garden: Located on top of the George P. Mitchell ’40 Physics Building, Texas A&M’s first and only roof top garden features native Texas plants. Cynthia Woods Mitchel Garden is a little-known hangout and the perfect spot to study or enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend on a sunny Texas day!

Tans by Thao: If you are in need of a little color but want to avoid skin damage, a spray tan is a great solution. For a customized color during any season, Tans By Thao is the perfect spot. As a current student, Thao offers a great tan at an even better price! Whether you just want a natural color, or you are ready to be a bronzed goddess, they will deliver your dream tan.

Celebrity Salon 2: Leaving your hometown for college is already hard enough, there’s no reason you should have to embrace the grown out roots look just because you had to leave your favorite salon. Pro-tip, Dallas is my go to stylist at the salon and she can definitely help you achieve a Pinterest worthy tresses!

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