Dorm Decor

Create a home away from home with our fave dorm decor. You’ve scoured stores for the basics and stocked up on all the essentials. It’s finally time to decorate! Dorm rooms are notoriously bland, so decor is an absolute must. We hand-selected eight unique items to make your dorm room the ultimate expression of you!

Faux Headboard - Dorm Decor

1. Rest Your Head.

Match your roomie or go solo with this no nails faux headboard. It is a fuss-free way to add a special touch to your dorm.  Make your bed cozy enough to unwind from the stresses of homework and catch up on your Netflix shows. If you want to be a little extra, then monogram it, nothing wrong with a little personalization.

Custom Pet Pillow - Dorm Decor

2. Girl’s Best Friend.

Who says pups can’t live in dorms, too? Bring Fido along with a handmade look-a-like custom pet pillow from Etsy. Ranging in size from 8 to 24 in. this custom pillow will make you feel like your fur baby never did leave your side. For $38.95 and up you’ll never go a night missing your furry friend.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper - Dorm Decor

3. No Paint Required.

When painting the walls is off limits, creativity is key. Add a splash of you to the walls in your dorm with this easy peel and stick faux-wallpaper. Whether you are into a rustic finish, minimalistic look, or contemporary designs Wallpops has plenty of colors, textures, and designs to pick from for $49.99!

May Designs Wall Calendar - Dorm Decor

4. Save the Date.

Formals, exams, and football games, oh my! New school year, new more organized you map out big events and count down the days ‘till next break. Stay on track with this adorable wall calendar from May Designs for $55.

Society 6 Tapestry - Dorm Decor

5. Hung Up.

An oversized tapestry from Society 6 is a good way to cover a boring wall. Frame it, pin it or hang it to have a unique and unforgettable accent that will set your dorm apart. It is available in three different sizes starting at $43.99.

Pottery Barn Teen Cork Frame Mirror - Dorm Decor

6. Reflection.

When it comes to tiny rooms, space saving is key. A cork framed mirror pulls double duty by making the room look bigger and saving space with a cork area to pin jewelry and photos. Get it at Pottery Barn Teen for $169.

UO Neon Light - Dorm Decor

7. Lit.

We’ve caught all the feels for the charming neon lights from Urban Outfitters. Set your space apart with a sign or two’s quirky glow starting as low as $27. #staylit

UO Velvet Bean Bag - Dorm Decor

8. Cool Beans.

Invite friends over and lounge in style on this velvet bean bag chair. Easy to move, comfortable, and luxuriously appealing, Urban Outfitters fresh feel for to the 70s vibe bean bag is totally worth the $198 price tag.

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