The new school year is on the horizon and as usual, college freshmen are marching their ways into too many icebreaker activities and endless all-nighters. On the other hand, upperclassmen are gathering motivation to overcome senioritis and finally get that $80K+ piece of paper. 

Whether this is your first year of college or your last, decorating your dorm is crucial if you want to make the most of this semester. Dorm decor is not only an opportunity to show off your personality, but also a way to make all-nighters a little more bearable by creating the perfect study environment. That’s why we’re sharing our Dorm Decor Guide—guaranteed to help you make your college dorm look more like the ultimate hangout space and less like a beige prison cell!


Drop Bed Gorgeous

Start with the centerpiece of your dorm—your bed! Snag this comforter from Bed Bath & Beyond to make your chic textured dreams come true.

BBB Comforter 300X300 - Best Fall 2019 College Dorm Decor

Bed Bath & Beyond comforter $79.99 – $129.99


Light It Up

Incorporate fairy lights, lamps, or even LED lights to make the ambiance of your room cozier—not to mention litty.

Moon Wall Decor 300X300 - Best Fall 2019 College Dorm Decor

Urban Outfitters light sculpture $34


Oops!… I Grid It Again

A simple, cute, and inexpensive way to level up your dorm game is to print out photos of your preferred aesthetic and display them on your walls. Wire grids or string clip lights such as these will make it look original.

Etsy Wire Grid 300X300 - Best Fall 2019 College Dorm Decor

Etsy wire grid $17.99


Give It Life

Plants not only refresh the air at night, but also look ultra-chic. You can find them at Target or pretty much anywhere. Succulents—such as these—are so easy to care for!

Live Succulent 300X300 - Best Fall 2019 College Dorm Decor

Urban Outfitters live succulents $20 (4-pack)


Blast from the Past

Hit up your local record or antique store to pick up a one-of-a-kind statement piece. For instance, Montgomery Street Antique Mall in Fort Worth is a great spot to go treasure-hunting. You can get creative with your finds andfor examplecreate a record wall such as this one. 

Record Decor 300X300 - Best Fall 2019 College Dorm Decor



Let’s be real, if you can lay down on the floor of your dorm room without hitting a wall, you’re one of the lucky ones. What’s more, you’re probably going to be sharing this tiny space with someone else. But you shouldn’t let this fact get you down. There are many ways you can make your dorm look bigger and a thousand times more inviting! Namely, you can include a big mirror like this one. The reflection will fill the room with light!

Wall Mirror 300X300 - Best Fall 2019 College Dorm Decor

Walmart wall mirror $129.99


Think Vertical
The idea is to make your eyes go from the ground up by decorating the entire wall. This will create the illusion of a higher ceiling. You can do this by adding posters, a tapestry, or whatever your heart desires.

Tapestry 300X300 - Best Fall 2019 College Dorm Decor

PB Teen tapestry $29


Double-Up on Storage

Look for multi-functional or hidden storage pieces like this ottoman from Dorm Decor. Extra seating space AND extra storage—win-win!

Ottoman 300X300 - Best Fall 2019 College Dorm Decor

Dorm Decor ottoman $169


Not-Your-Typical Transformer

We are not talking about Optimus Prime here—foldable or stackable furniture is your new best friend! Skip on the traditional bean bags and opt for a convertible floor cushion like this one from Urban Outfitters. The entire squad can have a seat for the movie night. Simply fold it back when you’re done.

Convertible 300X300 - Best Fall 2019 College Dorm Decor

Urban Outfitters convertible triangle floor cushion $129