Turkey Plates

Thanksgiving has been around forever. Well, at least since 1863 when President Lincoln declared this day of gratitude a national holiday—and we are all forever thankful for this day dedicated to feasting on delicious cuisine with friends and family. Nothing brings people together like a good meal, right?!

With the yummy food, comes a need for dishware. Ever since the late 1800s, excessive amounts of turkey-patterned dishes have made their way to America. They have since never ceased to cover our dining room tables every November. We are talking about turkeys on plates, bowls, platters, even making our food into turkey shapes (thanks, Pinterest!).

Thanksgiving is all about traditions. Whether they’re ones passed down for generations or something you decided to begin, these beautifully detailed turkey plates are a tradition that we hope will last.

We’ve discovered some of the cutest turkey plates around! Shop them for your turkey day meal this year and for years to come.